Products > Automatic Depalletizer DESP-4500


Automatic Depalletizer for depalletizing cans. This depalletizer is composed of an empty pallets store, an automatic carton extractor, a carton store, an accumulation table and an extraction table.

The operation of this depalletizing machine is to deposit the pallet of empty cans on a roller conveyor, to depalletizing them, layer by layer, on the top of the depalletizer.

Once the cans are placed on the accumulation table, we proceed to the cardboard extraction to place it in a carton storage designed for this function.

While this occurs, the cans are advancing to subsequently roll over as they fall, in order to access to the next phase of the bottling process.

Once the cardboard has been placed in the empty pallet magazine, the next layer rises, so it can be depalletized .